IRU’S New Scholars Program  

In response to member requests and a thorough review of all IRU’s services we are changing the way the INTERNSHIP Program works. Firstly, we are re-branding it as the SCHOLARS Program to more accurately reflect what it is we plan to achieve.

Many companies have indicated that they much prefer to source their own interns rather than use the IRU program which has acted as a clearing house – collecting internship applications and then feeding them to interested companies.  With this new approach they can source, interview and get to know prospective interns based on a member company’s own criteria and policies.

Consequently, we are not offering the traditional program in 2015 – the first time in probably 20 or more years.  We are replacing it with a range of services which will come on stream gradually during 2015 and 2016 all with the goal of providing a service that member companies will use; expand the IRU outreach to the risk management and insurance schools at universities and colleges nationwide; and expand the exposure to reinsurance for students/interns through enhanced networking and interaction with existing industry professionals.

For 2015 we will start the ball rolling by offering several Scholarships that will be open to all member company interns who submit an essay on a reinsurance themed topic. These will be submitted via their host IRU member company and judged, as in the past, by the IRU’s Scholars Committee. Currently we cannot advise how many and how much as that is still under discussion by the IRU Board but we hope for several meaningful Scholarships being awarded in the Fall of 2015. The deadline for essay submissions is September 1, 2015.

In the past the IRU has awarded just one such Scholarship in conjunction with the Angus Robinson Jr. Memorial Foundation, to whom we are extremely grateful. That organization has now dissolved and the IRU will be funding the new program in its entirety with a planned greater financial commitment.  In that connection, we would like to thank all the member companies who have generously included a voluntary contribution towards the program with their annual membership dues and would welcome any further sponsorship contributions, particularly from our non-member industry partners.

As the new program is developed we will be communicating with our members and posting updates on the website so please check back there regularly. If you have questions or wish to make a financial contribution please contact Executive Director, Jerry Wallis, at

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2015 Scholar Winning Papers

First Place Winner
Katie Martincic - Temple University
Drones & Their Impact on the Insurance & Reinsurance Industry

Second Place Winner
Kelly Petrarca - Temple University
Autonomous Cars:  An Emerging Risk

Third Place Winner
Alexandra Berg - Temple University
Insurance Implications of the Legalization of Marijuana

** Please note that the specifics of the Scholars Program are subject to change at any time by either the Scholars Committee or the Board of Directors.